Carl's 3 Peaks Transport | Why Choose Us?
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Why Choose Us?

Why choose our company?

There are many other companies who run 3 Peaks Challenges, but here are a few reasons to why you should choose us.


We have many years’ experience in providing 3 Peaks Challenges.


UK registered business with full liability and insurance cover.


One guide to every 8 people which work to the best mountain practises.


Many satisfied clients.


We use hotels within the location of Ben Nevis.


3 separate drivers to comply with DVSA regulations on a 3 Peaks Challenge.


Helpful staff from the start to the end of the challenge.


Will will provide you with a memorable challenge

Affects to the Environment:

There has been concerns raised over the years about 3 Peaks Challenge and what impact it has on the surrounding residents and on the environment. Things such as increase in traffic, noise at unsociable hours, litter and erosion of the peaks made by people taking short cuts. Also in particular the lack of water and facilities at Wasdale Head


Carl’s Minibus are company who enjoys the countryside and in particular the Cumbrian National Park, we always endeavour to respect the areas we visit. We always ensure we respect the residents and environment. This is why we run only small groups (between 8 – 12 people) with experienced drivers and mountain leaders, which means we operate best practices on the mountain thus not impacting on mountain rescue services. Using only the official paths we do not cause any environmental damage to the area.


Starting at Ben Nevis at 7.30am enables us to complete Scafell Pike between the hours of 7.30pm and 12.00am which will reduce the impact our arrival and departure has on local residents. To ensure we don’t use local supplies we always gave our own water supplies and make sure our clients have access to the appropriate toilet facilities outside the area.


We always keep our drivers with the mini buses to make sure there is no illegal parking or excessive noise. For the safety of our customers our drivers are governed by the DVSA regulations.


We are continually improving our services and protecting the beautiful environments we operate in and that is why we believe we are one of the best operators on the hill. We politely ask that our clients respect the same working code when travelling with us.

For a minibus company who consider the environment call Carl’s Mini Bus.
0161 688 9998 or 07708 260 784