Carl's 3 Peaks Transport | Testimonials
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“Thanks for organising the mini-bus and transport so well for us. Everything ran so smoothly and it was great to have a comfortable mini-bus with trailer and plenty of room for the trip. Both you and Andy got us where we needed to be in a great time and this allowed us to complete the challenge. Booking was easy and your recommendation of the guide, Joe, was also appreciated”

“Hi Carl
Thanks for the email and follow up!
I wanted to personally say a huge thanks to you for the fab driving, advice and all round support you gave our group this weekend!
Unfortunately didn’t get the chance to say this face to face or goodbye but I really did want to pass this on.
I didn’t end up climbing Snowdon as I didn’t want to risk injuring the knee and holding up the group again. Super proud the rest of them completed it with no falls or injuries on Snowdon!
Pleas pass on my thanks to Andy too for keeping me company on Sunday and hope his family are well and enjoyed Sunday night’s concert.
Here are a few photos from the weekend and would happily give feedback on any websites you use.
All the best and thanks again!”

“Carl couldn’t be nicer (cleaned up my little accident) – was really knowledgeable about the trip as a whole. Nice comfy minibus.”



“I thought he was really supportive of everyone on the trip. Very well natured and slotted into the team very well, I thought the challenge on the whole was incredible. Very well planned in terms of timing, driving and communication to the group.”



“The trip was well organised. Both made me feel safe and well informed of what was to come. It was nice that they made stops for us and made sure we had the equipment we needed (e.g. both lending us their own stuff!)”


“Hi Carl, Thank you for your email. I’m well recovered now, thanks for all your help on the weekend and getting everyone up and going on time. I thought all the drivers were great, kind, courteous and patient with the clients but managed to get them moving when they needed to. I’ve looked through the feedback and all the clients have said the same the only comment that does come up is that some people felt some of the busses went too fast and on the windy roads they felt quite sick. I know the mini-busses have their speed capped so they won’t have been going too fast but it might be worth passing on. I hope this helps and look forward to working with you again on 2017 – if you’ll have us!”


“Carl provided fast and efficient transport for our national three peaks challenge, along with helpful tips on our walking routes and safety advice. Highly’recommended.”

Deano’s National Three Peaks Team – June 2012


“Thanks to you Andy and Gary for a great and successful trip. We all had a good time and Andy and Gary’s help in making sure we got round in time was invaluable.
No Faffing””



“Hi Carl, forgot to thank you for a great weekend doing the 3 peaks. We all really enjoyed it and thought you were very professional and knowledgeable.”


“Really enjoyed mate. Well, as much as you can when you’re knackered and in pain. Ha ha. Thanks very much for sorting everything out. Please thank Christian for doing the driving”

“Hi Carl Thanks for your message. Everybody is well, exhausted and I think happy with the experience! Thank you and Tony for your support all along, I think everybody appreciated it, I will ask around for more thoughts from the group. Thank you Octavian”


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