Carl's 3 Peaks Transport | 3 Peaks in 24 Hours
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3 Peaks in 24 Hours


The 3 peaks Challenge is an endeavor to climb the most elevated mountains in the United Kingdom in 24 hours. The three mountains are Ben Nevis, Scotland; Scafell Pike, Lake District National Park and Snowdon in Wales.


We go to Fort William on the Friday and climb Ben Nevis on the Saturday morning, we climb Scafell Pike in the early night lastly, on Sunday morning we climb Snowdon.


Clients that want to attend the event should have the necessary fitness levels and be prepared for the endurance of lack of sleep.


We plan to finish the mountains in a period of 13 hours: Ben Nevis in 5 hours, Scafell Pike in 4 hours and Snowdon in 4 hours. The general trek takes longer than 13 hours as you have to exchange by road to every mountain en route.


The Challenge is guided by qualified mountain pioneers and our driver is an expert and capable individual from our organization and will remain with the vehicle all through the Challenge.


We additionally offer a significantly more casual time scale trek to cover the 3 peaks in 3 days. This occasion is an all out Challenge that will test your physical capacity.

Quick Information

All 3 Peaks are guided by experienced guides.


Ben Nevis: 1344 metres,
Scafell Pike: 1085 metres,
Snowdon: 978 metres,
Total height: 3407 metres


This Challenge is best run between May and October.


Pick-up and drop off along the route to provide you with the option of your choice.


Professional and competent drivers, who have had lots of experience of this challenge. For safety reasons, we adhere to the road traffic safety regulations and DVSA regulations.


We aim to complete the Challenge within 24 hours.

We advise that you prepare for the Challenge so you are fit enough to endure the event and as such provide a Fitness Programme for you to read through.

We are one of the leading minibus companies for the 3 Peaks in 24 hours Challange
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